10 ways you can eat strawberries

We’re just a week away from Wimbledon starting, and we can’t think of a better way to mark strawberries and cream season (😉) with all the different ways you can satiate your strawberry cravings and get 1 of your 5-a-day. Not only are strawberries the sweetest they’ve ever been right now, they’re also cheap at just £1.20 per punnet (price will differ as per retailers). Double win!

  • Jams

Strawberry jam on toast is a winning combination (and not to mention a great carb source for your workout fuel). Making your own jam is also much more healthier (and yummier) than a regular store-bought jar.

  • Ice (nice) cream

Strawberry nice cream can be a delicious, healthier ice-cream alternative and makes for the ultimate refreshing snack or dessert you need in this summer heat.

  • Smoothies

Smoothies in general are so fun and versatile! Pair your other favourite fruits with strawberries to make a glass of fruity goodness.

Top tip: add in some Greek yoghurt or protein powder for a protein boost to make your smoothie extra filling.

  • Salads

Now this one may be a little rogue, but strawberries can make a great sweet addition to savoury salads. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe us!

  • Lollies

A summer staple in everyone’s freezer. Making your own icelollies at home can also prove to be a fun and easy task – just buy some ice-lolly moulds, add a juice of your choice and start pimping out your pops with whatever ingredients picks your fancy.

  • Mocktails

Quench your thirst all summer long with your own fruity mocktails. Our favourite is this berry good summer cup mocktail you can find here: Summer cup mocktail recipe | BBC Good Food.

  • Healthy Eton Mess

Boost your regular Eton Mess’ nutritional value by mixing Greek yoghurt, sweetener, meringue and of course, strawberries for a healthier take on this classic dessert.

  • Water infusion

Growing tired of your usual H20 and ice? Start adding strawberries to your water to give it a hint of flavour – you can also infuse it with other fruits and herbs like mint.

  • Fruit kebabs

The most fun (and best) way to eat your fruit! Put your chopping skills to use and pile your skewer high with all of your favourite fruits – including strawberries.

  • Frozen yogurt covered strawberries

You’ve heard of chocolate covered strawberries, but have you heard of yogurt covered strawberries? The perfect healthy little treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Now, what are you waiting for? Grab a punnet of strawberries and head to the kitchen to test out all of these ideas.

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