Patient Success Story

We’d like to share an amazing story with you from one of our participants! This lovely man has been working with our PCN Health & Wellbeing Coach Ryan over the past year on improving his fitness levels.

He started with goals to get him into the gym, then progressed into refining his workout plan, using resistance training along with increasing cardio. Along with this he also cut down portion sizes and made changes to the types of food he was consuming.

Using tools like SMART goals, step counting and professional support from our practitioner he lost well over 3 stone and saw great improvements to his cardio fitness.

Eventually he set himself his own challenge of climbing Mount Snowden! During his first attempt he was forced to stop 3/4 of the way in, due to adverse weather, but he’s confident he’ll have it next time!

He’ll be completing his climb very soon! Good luck, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for better weather! Make sure you send us a picture from the top!🤞

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