5 Top Tips to staying hydrated during Nutrition and Hydration Week #NHWeek

Staying hydrated, drinking plenty of fluids is important for both your physical and mental health. You will feel tired, unfocused, and even falsely hungry if you become dehydrated. The human body is made up of nearly 2/3rds water, so during Nutrition and Hydration week here are five top tips to help you stay hydrated.

  • Add flavour – not everyone likes the taste of water, if you’re one of them, try adding just a few drops of sugar free squash or even a wedge of lemon or lime.
  • Introduce the rule – Drink Before. Have a glass of water before you eat a meal or settle down to watch your favourite TV show. This behaviour if repeated will soon become a habit.
  • Carry your own water bottle with you everywhere you go. You won’t then have an excuse to miss drinking the fluid you need. We never leave home without our phone so why not a water bottle.
  • Swap your morning coffee or cup of tea for a glass of water. If the thought of starting the day without a coffee is just to terrifying to contemplate, then start drinking a glass of water before or after your usual morning caffeine fix.
  • Set a reminder – if all else fails, set a reminder on your phone. We can all get engrossed in our work and easily forget to drink, a gentle reminder will help you to get the fluid your body needs.

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