British Nutritional Foundation Healthy Eating Week – Shopping for less

This week celebrates Healthy Eating Week and with the cost of living on the rise, trying to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle can come with barriers, and healthy eating should be for everyone.

Trying to buy the right foods to keep you healthy and full can be difficult, especially in todays climate, so here are a few shopping hacks to help you keep down those costs and stay healthy.

  1. Do your research- It may be cheaper to buy certain products in bulk rather than individually each shopping trip.
  2. Don’t shop when hungry – You are more likely to impulse buy, and buy things you don’t need when hungry
  3. Shop around – See which supermarkets are cheaper and where there are better offers and deals on the foods you like
  4. Try own-label products – Have a go at swapping out branded foods for supermarkets own version. You may find there’s no difference in taste and you’ve saved money
  5. Make a meal plan – Plan your food and meals for the week ahead and create your shopping list accordingly so you are only buying what you need.

For more support and advice on eating healthy for less, give us a call on 0333 005 0095.  

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