Did Lockdown turn you into a Chunk, Drunk or Hunk?

I’ve been told that each of us reacted differently to lockdown, some of us, me, ate more than we would normally, continually snacking on all the wrong foods – Chunk. With the pubs being closed and being stuck in, others drank more alcohol than normal, especially as we tend to over pour – Drunk. And some, I’m told there are a few, spent lockdown pumping iron doing sit ups and burpees and have emerged from lockdown like a butterfly from a chrysalis as a bone fide Hunk.  

If you are in the latter category – Hunk, congratulations, I’m impressed and as jealous as hell. I do however have a sneaky suspicion that most of us fall into one of the other two categories, maybe even both. So, what now, after the glorious bank holiday weather, (no not something that is often said in the UK) talk is turning to summer and all the magazines and TV adverts have endless images of bikini clad women and headlines that shout are you beach ready?

Well, the answer is a resounding no. Number one I’m not sure I will even get to a beach this year, but I do know that my shorts, dug out for the first time in a year are a little snug around the middle. I could do with losing a few pounds. And when it comes to alcohol the column inches and wall to wall TV coverage about the pubs re-opening is hardly conducive to cutting back on how much alcohol we consume. Drinking it seems is as British as the Queen and not to do so, could be considered unpatriotic.

Maybe as Freedom Day approaches, 21st June, we might want to think about making a positive change to lead a healthier life, losing a few pounds, or cutting back on the amount we drink. If you smoke now might be the time to quit or it may be that you start moving more and become less sedentary. You may need some help to get started on your journey to a fitter healthier you, if so give us a call, we have helped lots of people take the first step, after all there is a hidden hunk in all of us.

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