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Falls Prevention Exercise

As one of the largest causes of serious injuries among the older population in the UK, helping to prevent falls is one of Everyone Health’s key focuses. Not only can falls cause many injuries, they can also act as a barrier, preventing people from maintaining their independence.

Anyone is at risk of falling, which is why prevention is key and it’s never too early to take steps to protect your health, wellbeing and independence.

How we can help you

Here in West Sussex, our friendly Postural Stability Instructors lead our programme which consists of falls prevention strategies that are up to date and evidence-based to ensure maximum effectiveness so you can feel more confident on your feet.

We offer community-based face-to-face classes across West Sussex for you to attend and take part in to reduce your risk of falling, and engage with fellow members of your community.

Sign up

To sign up, or make an enquiry about the West Sussex Falls Prevention Exercise service, please:

Call: 0333 005 0095

Email: [email protected]

Visit: https://westsussex.everyonehealth.co.uk

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