REVEALED: How much the cost of your cigarettes has increased

Cigarette prices have embarked on a serious hike over the years.

As Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has revealed his plans to increase the cost once more in the government’s Autumn Statement, we’ve casted our minds all the way back to 1995 to see how prices have soared.

In 1995, you could head to the shops and purchase a packet of 20 king-size cigarettes for just £2.59.

Smokers were then hit hard 5 years later in 2000, as prices increased by £1.36 which made a 20-pack’s new price £3.59.

In 2008, shortly after the government smokefree legislation which saw smoking inside public places such as offices and pubs become banned, packets shot up to £5.22.

Smokers in 2012 had to shell out another £1.87 as the new price of a 20-pack rose to £7.09.

In another devastating blow to smokers’ wallets in 2017, the price of a 20 king-size pack rocketed to £9.99.

After another tobacco tax hike in October 2021, the price of cigarettes hit a massive £13.60.

Returning to present day, as of December 2023, a pack of 20 currently stands at an eye-watering £15.67.

After PM Rishi Sunak and King Charles have revealed their aim to achieve a smoke-free Britain by 2030, the price hike comes as no surprise as it is hoped that the ever-increasing price of cigarettes will deter smokers from buying them.

In addition to surging cigarette prices, the government’s proposed plan to create a smoke-free society also includes banning the sale of tobacco products to anyone born on or after 1 January 2009, and boosting funding for local stop smoking services.

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