Top Tips for a fun and inexpensive Valentine’s Day

Half cut apple horizontal

Valentine’s Day, celebrated annually on the February 14 started out as a Christian feast day celebrating Saint Valentine. Over time it has become a commercial celebration across the globe of romance and love and will see flowers and chocolates given and romantic meals enjoyed.

But if you are watching the pounds – both your weight and money why not try these quick and inexpensive tips to show your loved ones how you feel about them.

  • A romantic stroll – costs nothing, needs no special equipment, just wrap up warm and take a walk. To make it extra romantic why not go in the evening and stop and gaze at the stars. An additional bonus it will contribute to your step count!
  • Forget strawberries, cut your apple horizontally through the middle as opposed to vertically from the stalk and gift your loved one a ‘star’ never seen by another human. To round off this gift why not hand feed them apple chunks dipped in Greek yoghurt.
  • Give a packet of seeds for your loved one to grow – lots of herbs, cress, bean sprouts are very easy to grow on a window sill and can be used as an ingredient to cook with. The growing seeds can be symbol of your growing love.
  • Give up smoking – it will improve your health and save you money. If you put the money you would have spent on cigarettes into a jar, by next Valentines Days you will have enough for a romantic getaway. You don’t have to do this alone help is available from the stop smoking team.

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