What’s in season this December

Tis’ the season for festivities, feasting, and fresh produce! Though fresh produce is limited at this time of year, we’re not falling completely short in the freshness department.

Keep reading to discover the freshest (and cheapest!) ingredients to add to your shopping lists and Christmas dinner.

Brussel sprouts

Love them or hate them, it’s sprout season! This Christmas staple is at their best throughout the winter months. Not just a Christmas dinner partner, there are a whole host of ways you can now cook with sprouts. Click here to enter a world of brussel sprout recipes.

Also, did you know that a single serving of these ‘mini cabbages’ has around 4g of protein – making it one of the most protein-packed vegetables.


You don’t want to miss out on cooking with one of the signature fruits of A/W. Similarly to their apple counterparts, pears can also work in a variety of sweet or savoury dishes. If you’re in need of some pear recipe inspiration, click here to find a recipe pear-fect for you!


It’s not just for egg sarnies! (Though they do make a fabulous accompaniment on a Boxing Day spread). These microgreens are great to add a pop of flavour or some greenery to any dish.


Are leeks a part of your Christmas spread? The vegetable – a member of the onion family, is at its best through November-March and makes for a perfect accompaniment that adds flavour and bite to any meal.

Satsumas and tangerines

Beat the winter cold with a vitamin C fix from these citrus fruits! Perfect for lunchboxes and easy snacks, these juicy fruits are also worth cooking with. Let’s hope there’s one in your stocking!


There’s no excuses to not get your greens in now it’s broccoli season!

Broccoli’s versatility means it can be steamed, boiled or roasted, and served in a range of tasty dishes from pasta and noodles, to soups and salads.

Over at Everyone Health, we’re thoroughly enjoying this salmon and broccoli pasta that’s on the table in less than half an hour – making it the perfect pre-Christmas rush meal.

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