Why you should be eating seasonally

Eating seasonally is a beneficial way of getting variety in your diet whilst cutting the cost of the food shop.

Seasonal eating refers to purchasing and consuming food around the time that it naturally harvested.

Below is a breakdown of the seasonal fruits and vegetables that you can get in the UK:

There are some benefits of eating seasonally:

  • Seasonal food can be cheaper – We are used to seeing every variety of fruit and vegetable in the supermarkets all year long. However, some products are often more expensive out of season such as strawberries in winter. If you are trying to shop smarter then look for the produce that is more abundant and cheaper to help you save some extra pounds.
  • Can be tastier especially if homegrown – this can also help with being more creative in the kitchen. It can be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family to enjoy.
  • More nutritious – research has shown that fruit and vegetables can be at the peak nutrient density when it is harvested meaning when you try to eat seasonally the food will be fresher and can be more nutritious as well.
  • Food variety and diversity – improving our understanding and appreciation for different seasonal fruit and vegetables can help to improve our nutrient intake from different sources.

Keep an eye out on our website for our monthly seasonal fruit and vegetable recipe ideas! You can view September’s edition here.

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