Blog – How I stay well while working from home

I usually work from an office and as a social outgoing sort I like the camaraderie I share with my colleagues. However working from home was at first somewhat of a novelty, PJ bottoms and the radio for company but as my children and husband joined me and we juggled space we all needed to learn new ways of being together. And now it’s all change again. One of my daughters has moved out and started university and the other is back in the classroom so it’s just me and my other half and it’s time for me to think again about my working from home wellbeing.

Routine – I’ve found following a daily routine really helpful. I set my working hours and try really hard not to deviate from them. I make an effort to eat lunch at the same time, have meetings set at regular times each week and schedule in time to call my colleagues to just say hello. (It in variably descends in to work chat, but we at least start with the personal stuff.)

Space – I’m very fortunate in that I don’t have to work from my bedroom or sitting room so this helps make me distinguish between home time and worktime. I switch off my computer at the end of the day and tidy away and papers I’ve been working on. I found that if I leave the computer on, I will notice when an email comes in and it’s then hard to resist the temptation to reply.

Physical Activity – No matter what the weather I go for a walk at the end of every working day. It is a ritual now and helps me de-compress. I find that with each step my head slowly empties and I return home refreshed and the worries and challenges of the day are neatly put to one side.

Put your phone away – now I know this is a really contentious one, especially if you were born during the digital boom. (I wasn’t) Our phones have been a godsend through lockdown, keeping us in touch with our friends and family and helping us stay connected but they are also a source of distraction – how many of you have go sucked into the endless cycle of inane You Tube or Tik Tok clips. When you finish work why not try putting your phone on airplane mode or better still leave it in the other room.

If your home working circumstances have changed recently, stop and consider how you have been working – if you have been missing meals, week days and weekends blurring into one, then create a new routine for yourself, one that will help you manage your home working wellbeing.

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