Daily Pockets of Joy

As we hurtle towards 21st June, Boris’s proposed day of freedom, our thoughts are turning to all of the things we have missed over the last year and what we will soon be able to once again enjoy; a drink with friends in the local pub or a trip to the cinema maybe?

At the time of writing this, England’s vaccination programme thunders forward at a wonderous pace, but our friends on the continent are experiencing their ‘third wave’ and so I’m mindful not to let the road map dates become all consuming.

To get around this I try to plan what I like to call ‘daily pockets of joy’. Nothing fancy, just small things to look forward to. A long soak in the bath with extra special smellies, watching a TV show at the same time as a friend, pottering about in the garden, each small activity adding up to fill me with joy.

And whilst I am looking forward to finally being able to celebrate a rescheduled family Christmas in June, with all 22 members of my immediate family, I will continue with daily pockets of joy until we are all within actual touching distance.

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