Guaranteed Interview Scheme for veterans

Helping veterans fulfil their potential outside the Armed Forces.

Everyone Health supports the Guaranteed Interview Scheme for armed forces veterans. The scheme supports the pledges  of the Armed Forces Covenant.

The specific aims of the scheme are to:

  • assist veterans in overcoming barriers to finding civilian employment
  • reduce the risk of veterans having health and welfare problems as a result of long-term unemployment
  • redress the balance for veterans’ re-employment prospects by giving them the chance to improve their transition back into civilian life
  • complement the re-employment support provided to veterans leaving the armed forces by the Ministry of Defence
  • benefit from the transferable skills and qualities of veterans.

When a veteran applies for a job, they should reveal their veteran status. A guaranteed interview will be offered to veterans, provided that the veteran:

  • is currently serving in the armed forces and is within 12 weeks of their discharge date
  • meets the essential criteria for an advertised role.

Or alternately:

  • the armed forces were the veteran’s last long-term employer
  • no more than 3 years has elapsed since the veteran left the armed forces
  • the veteran meets the essential criteria for an advertised role.

These criteria will be applied so as to create a longer shortlist of candidates than might otherwise arise. No candidate will be displaced from a shortlist by the application of the scheme.

The scheme is not a guaranteed job for veterans. Selection procedures will still ensure the best candidate for the job is appointed, based on objective criteria in the role profile.

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