Adult Weight Management

What is it?

Here at Everyone Health, helping people manage their weight and supporting those who have a higher than healthy BMI is at the very forefront of the services we provide. We offer a range of services to help support people through that journey, each of which is designed not just to help the service user lose weight in the short term, but to help encourage whole-life behaviour changes that will result in long-term benefits to the service user.

These are flexible and able to be moulded to the service user’s own needs, whatever they may be. A key element of our services is education. Helping the service users to learn how to eat healthily and how to live a healthy lifestyle, including nutritional physical activity information.

A Nutritionist is a qualified person who provides information about food, providing nutritional advice and education on healthy eating.

A Dietitian is a registered health care professional, usually working in clinical settings such as hospitals, providing advice and interventions to promote health and manage various medical conditions.

The Physical Activity Specialist is a trained person, who promotes physical activity for health and well-being purposes.


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