Is it possible to have a smoke-free Christmas?

We all know smoking causes a range of health problems and damages your lungs not forgetting the financial costs. One of these may have been your reason for quitting or considering quitting – With Christmas only weeks away the lead up to the festive season can be tricky for those who have recently given up smoking. During this period of work parties, and visiting friends and families, we tend to drink more and relax letting our guard down. Our Inhibitions are reduced, and we do not think as clearly as we normally would. The build-up to Christmas can also be stressful, as we try to find the perfect gifts, manage excited children, or for some Christmas isn’t that joyful time which we are led to believe it should be.

With all this in mind we would like to share with you some helpful tips to help you through the cravings:

  • Temptation – Don’t be tempted for even one cigarette – could lead to you starting smoking again.
  • Distraction – Have a distraction technique for when the craving starts – be prepared
  • Plan – What you will do when your friends or colleagues go out for a cigarette
  • Be prepared – What will your response be if you are offered a cigarette or even nagged to have one.
  • NRT – If you are using NRT products make sure you have them with you and have enough to get you through.
  • Stress – Try and avoid stressful situations, if not possible then take breaks away from situations and practice calming techniques.
  • Remember – Remind yourself of the reasons you have quite
  • Be Kind to yourself – You are doing a great job, what you are doing is brilliant, it’s not easy but you are doing it! Congratulate yourself.

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