Maintaining Balance at Christmas

While Christmas is a time to be jolly, enjoy all of the glorious food and drink on offer, and wind down after a long year – many people can find Christmas a daunting time, especially those on a journey to better their health and wellbeing.

Being out of routine – which is inevitable over the Christmas period – can be a big trigger for some people to go back to their old habits. However, you can still be merry and maintain your health and fitness over the festive period!

Below, we have listed a few top tips to help you stay on track this Christmas. And remember, finding balance is key for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Keep up your activity level – do some gentle exercise and get your body moving in a way that feels good to you. For example, a long walk with family or friends – it doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise!
  • Make sure you’re still eating plenty of nutritious food alongside all of the fun festive foods – don’t neglect the broccoli and carrots on your Christmas day dinner!
  • Do some festive baking – you can find some great healthy alternatives to everyone’s festive faves over on our Facebook here: (insert link).
  • Get rid of the ‘all-or-nothing’ approach where you go all out and overindulge in the festive period to then restrict heavily in the New Year – this will only deter you from reaching your goals.
  • Be kind to yourself and don’t put too much pressure on trying to maintain a ‘perfect’ balance – small changes along the way are more than enough.
  • Try going alcohol-free at some of your festive plans – your body and bank will thank you for it!

Remember, Everyone Health are here to help you find your balance through our FREE Adult Weight Management service. To find out more about our service, click here or call us on 0333 005 0095. 

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